Robina is one of the incomparable projects of Anil professional group which by blowing Iranian architectural spirit and identity in Robina building has created a luxury and beautiful tower in the best zone of Tehran.

ANIL civil and Energy Development

ANIL is one of successful building industry group in Iran which with utilizing efficient and expert engineering team, creative designer and modern construction technologies, it has in its glorious workbook the high quality in all kinds of luxury residential building, official, commercial, and welfare centers.
Robina is one of the successful projects of ANIL which is in the phase of operation.

Design and performance team of Robina

ANIL is a company which is proud of itself for having culture of “knowing the members as family” and the team philosophy is in the heart of team culture, which is “being for together” is crystal clear. ANIL considers bringing up the skills of the members and presents the developing level of responsibility and cooperation, communication and innovation in all its construction levels are observable.

Design and performance team
Design and performance team

Recent projects

ANIL company in its recent plans is looking for creating projects which in addition to providing the necessities of zone, providing the long term benefits of society and with considering its social responsibilities for growing Iranian identity in buildings and revival of Iranian architecture in designing phase, attempts to keep ancient Iran culture.


Removing shortcomings and defects of current architecture for solving crises such as lack of dicipline, repetition, dublication and imitation in view, lack of harmony and balance, proportion and scale of measurement, dynamic and not observing hierarchy.
Paying attention and emphasis on environment subjects, saving and caring of life resources and supplying security of people and paying attention to manufacturing and designing process for confronting natural and abnormal accidents such as flood and earthquick.
Creating a connecting bridge between landlord and tenant (lessor and lessee) without mediators, brokers and also facilitating the process of mortgaging and renting apartment in the least time and without paying current expenditures and residing in smart luxury and controllable apartment