One if the policy of Robina for welfare of residents is making mortgaging condition in Tehran without having renting problem. Apartment mortgage in Tehran in Robina tower has been facilitated for customers.

Mortgage Apartment

 Mortgaging for apartment building in Tehran has lots of benefits for tenants so that most of people are looking for mortgaging of apartment. Most of people for lacking of time and trouble of paying monthly rent, choose mortgage which is in favor of tenants because it keeps the origin of their money and there is no need to pay monthly rent.

Quoted from valid mortgage marketing of residential units in 12 zones of Tehran, in the last month of year (2018) (1397 Hijri), mortgage of big residential apartments located in north part of Tehran specially zone number 1 and 2 is more than other zones which shows demands of market to rent house mortgage in tehran.

In recent situation we face with very little supply of renting residential, luxury, big area and new constructed units and apartments . As a result, one of the policies of Robina group is supplying luxury and new constructed units and apartments to the customers who are looking for welfare and comfort.

mortgage for apartment building in tehran (Darband) has advantages which is really less in other zone of Tehran. In comparison to other zone, Darband has different lifestyle, less populated, safer and more comfortable. The houses and apartments specialy in Robina tower have been built with principles of modern urban construction.

Accessing to facilities and high quality products are more in Darband (zone 1) . With regard to lifestyle, it is a different level. Commercial building, restaurants and luxury stores can be found in this zone. With regarding pollution and atmospheric weather condition, Darband has the best weather condition than other zone in Tehran.

Sometimes investment for buying a house or apartment is not necessarily beneficial. Assume an apartment you buy become receded in terms of geographical after passing time. In this condition that you suffer a loss. renting out a house with a mortgage in tehran accommodation is an approach to decrease the risk of buying a house.

Except mortgaging accommodation, by buying a house, your responsibilities become heavy. But apartment mortgages in tehran will be removed these responsibilities and the owner will be responsible. Also, law responsibilities of house are on the duties of owner. These freedoms increase the advantages of mortgage to rent in tehran.

With rent vs mortgage in tehran which is impossible for you to buy, you will be beneficiary of facilities which is possible just by mortgaging and renting or monthly rent mortgage in tehran. So, you will gain spiritual benefit from this choice. With choosing suitable and beautiful accommodation you can enjoy your place of living.
Living in a house sometimes makes it boring and repetitive or lack of consistency and the essence of people’s job make it necessary to change the area of living. Besides, changing accommodation makes variation and positive effect on spirit of people. mortgage or rent in tehran is an approach for getting rid of boredom of nowadays life.

In recent years, the price of accommodation and apartment mortgages in zone 1 of Tehran has increased significantly. As a result, renting and mortgaging of apartment in Iran has grown significantly. One kinds of renting are perfect mortgaging. Robina has been designed and executed for decreasing the problems of people in finding suitable accommodation.

Precision (accuracy) in commitments of parties in writing contract and receiving tracking code

(House) statement is a piece of paper which parties (lessor and lessee) will write promise or in other word, their commitment and sign it. In concluding contract in Robina handy statement will be written in 3 versions. 2 versions will be for parties and the third version is for owner. Statements have the legal validity and can be cited in the court. All the details must be clear and precise. According to approved law of government (cabinet), from 2008 until now, all state agencies must record all transactions in country transaction and property registration system. From one side, this work guaranty the accuracy of transaction done and from other side, it provides possibilities of analyzing information related to properties for government and other supervisory (regulatory) organs. According to this, every transaction which is done in state agency, will be recorded in that system, and tracking code will be devoted to that transaction. Our recommendation is that certainly act out to get that tracking code