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One of the basic needs of humans in today’s societies is finding suitable housing. The lack of time, the presence of intermediaries and brokers and the high cost of it, the inappropriate introduction and exaggeration in property specifications and inadequate information on mortgages and rentals have made it difficult to find housing. One of the policies of Anil Company to remove this problem is to build an appropriate bridge between the landlord and the tenant. Rubina Tower has facilitated the process of renting an apartment in Tehran for those looking for luxury apartments and smart homes.


Simultaneously, with continuous growing of tower in Tehran, inclination toward living in tower has increased daily in this city. Lack of smart tower in Tehran makes choice difficult.

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One of the luxury tower of Tehran is Robina. The rent of units of this tower is direct without spending extra time and expenditure.



One of the inhabitation methods in luxury towers is mortgaging building of these towers. Mortgaging building is one inhabitation methods without difficulties of paying monthly rent.

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With mortgage of building in Robina tower, experience comfort and peace in an environment with unique and singular Iranian design and architecture.


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Robina is one of the incomparable projects of Anil which by blowing Iranian architectural spirit and identity in Robina building has created a luxury and beautiful tower in the best zone of Tehran.

rental house in iran

With utilizing of competent engineering , creative designers and modern construction techniques, Robina has the creating of the best quality of this residential luxury building in its workbook.

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Making fast, direct and immediate communication for renting and mortgaging the apartments of Robina tower is one of managers' policies in beautiful Robina building.

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One of the Robina policy is making connecting bridge between landlord (lessor) and tenant (lessee) and facilitate the process of renting apartment for those who are looking for luxury and smart house.


Renting apartment in Darband:
Darband is one of old and famous tourist zone in Shemiran in north Sadabad garden. According to opinion polling, Darband has been the first choice for reception of foreign and provincial guests.

Iraninan architecture:

The modern principles Iraninan architecture has been observed in designing spaces and units of luxury Robina building. The view of Robina tower has been made of traditional material brick with reference to originality and Iraninan architecture identity, turquois valance and white exported bar stone of atashkooh and thermos wood made by Finland Sko Sampo. Designing Iraninan garden and traditional alcove and grand waterfront in the yard have provided a beautiful scenery for residents.

Smart Robina tower:

Robina is one of the first smart tower of Tehran and has all traits of smart tower. Nowadays ordinary houses do not provide enough safety, energy provision expenditures and regarding comfort which is followed by technology advancement. Smart house is a solution for safety and saving energy, expenditure and time and in one word, comfort of residents.
. Smart house has the capacity to learn and learn from what you are doing. As a result, with the least action, automatically you can pass doing most of activities to the appliance of house. In smart house, all appliances are connected together and are controlled with a central device. You can control them via Wi-Fi with accessing to internet. Also, some of them are controlled by Bluetooth. In this condition it can be controlled even without using internet.

Electrical curtain and jack

All windows of Robina building have the capacity to install electrical curtain and are controllable by smart system of units. All exit and entrance doors of joints, parking doors, sheds, movable ceiling and roll ups are connected to the smart system.

Smart control system of units

The intelligent control panel for lighting, dimmer, cooling / heating and curtain is provided and installed by Schneider Germany and features LED backlit interchangeable labels with LEDs to display the control path active or inactive. In this system it is possible to define any scenario for lighting and air conditioning. It has the ability to install touch panel and control via smart phones

Visual IPhone via network

Visual IPhone system of Robina building made in by IPhone system of Japan which visually has the ability to open the entryway of units and main door of lobby automatically. This system keeps the film records of customers and other people in its memory up to ninety-nine records. Also connection of units with lobby man and security will be done by this system.

Scenario for system

The sleeping scenario (which include turning of the lights, closing electrical curtain, setting the heating degree of rooms at midnight and activating safety system), the possibility to inform your arrival and understand that who enters the building and differentiate among your children and guests, and guest scenario entrance, all are practicable in smart system.

Alarm system of units

To control unauthorized entry and exit of building and units, doors of lobby, parking, all engine facilities, main entryway of unit, the door of fire escape, accessing to the hall of store rooms, and the door of store room of every unit, traffic control system has been installed and can be controllable and observable in main panel of every unit when internet is accessible.

Lightening and illuminating (switch, dimmer)

These panels are from the Schneider brand of Germany, and in addition to their beatiful and unique design, they have a structured menu and 5 user interfaces at the same time, the ability to have background images for each segment and the ability to add icons for different events and It has a mobile application

Fingerprint Multi Points Security Door Lock of unit entrance

The entryway of units is equipped with Fingerprint Multi Points Security Door Lock with ability to open the door by fingerprint, code, permanent or temporary password, and remote control. This smart lock is able to record exit and entrance of people who described in this system and it can be received by mobile.

Intelligent audio system

Robina tower has professional independent audio systems for sport spaces, assembling salon, roof garden and lobby. These systems have the capacity to play musical files with high quality and very high audio coverage by mobile and other audio devices.